Night Photography

This is the sky during the night, could also be a sillhoute if you see the trees.

This is the moon, i used the cable release for about 1 hour.

This is a sillhoute of the pumpkins eye. The light inside makes the outside darker and a shadow.

This is the sunset. I used the cable release and it made the picture look likeit was on fire. So i thought it looked pretty intresting.


Composition Photography


This is line photography because it shows Perspective.


This is Framing because the tree limbs are framing the background & the trees & the street.


This is simple , because there are 3 pumpkins. Its not too noisy or busy


This is panning because the background is out of focus but you can tell someones running

Rule of Thirds

This is Rule of thirds because the flower is on the intersection or the “imaginary” lines


Photo taken at an old swamp behind a creek. I took this because the broken board gives it the vintage look.

Photo taken at gardenside park

Photo taken at a creek. I took this photo because it's the reflection of a tree.

Photo taken in my back yard.

photo taken at the Gardenside duck pond. I swear the goose was posing for me (:

Pinhole Photography 8.27.2010

this picture was taken outside by the school parkinglot. It's a picture of the trees leaves with the sun shining in the picture. I took this picture because i thought it looked neat with the sun shining partially in the picture.

This picture was taken in the garden outside the cafeteria. It's a picture of an angel. I took this picture because it looks cool (: